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WATCH: This 80-Year-Old Diver Has Uncovered A Trove Of Treasures

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At 80-years-old, Ray Ives is all about the thrill of adventure. But the thrills he seeks are different — they all happen below the ocean’s surface.

Ives, who was featured in the short documentary, “Ray: A Life Underwater,” scours the depths of the ocean for forgotten treasures. He started his underwater adventures as a commercial diver in 1965, but now dives for pleasure and has come across quite a few vintage treasures while doing so — everything from coins, to guns, to swords. 

The diver noted that he has no plans to slow things down anytime soon. 

“As long as I can climb in and climb out, I’m going to carry on doing it,” he said.

Watch the video above to see footage of Ives’ diving experiences and check out more work from the filmmakers behind the documentary — Amanda Bluglass and Danny Cooke — on their websites.  

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